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Twelve Days of Giving; Salvation Army


The donation originally planned for today has been postponed until tomorrow.

On Christmas Eve the rain started to fall and it poured steadily until this afternoon. So much water has fallen that the River Aire, like a number of others, has burst its banks. This afternoon, in the brief window between downpours, we went for a walk to look at the local flooding. I’ve seen floods before and recently the TV news has shown terrible flooding in Cumbria. Even so, I was shaken to see, hear and smell for myself the impact of the weather.








The Salvation Army is an organisation which quietly and efficiently gets on with the job of providing practical help to people in need. Today the Salvation Army in Shipley will be open to help people affected by the floods here and to co-ordinate volunteer workers. So, today my donation is going to the Salvation Army. Please join me!

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