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Twelve Days of Giving: Islamic Relief

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On the first day of Christmas I am donating to the Islamic Relief Gaza Appeal and I have chosen this charity for two reasons.  The first is that today we commemorate the event which happened over 2,000 years ago in the ‘Holy Land’ which today is riven by war and suffering.  It is a good day to support those who are caught in this conflict.  The second reason is to remember that the Christmas baby is not only Jesus the Christian Messiah but also Issa, one of the most important prophets in Islam.  The Islamic Christmas story is not quite the same as the Christian story but it is recognisably a different version of the same event; there is still Mary, an angel and a miraculous birth.  In every carol service at which I have played this season (at least 7) there have been prayers and readings about ‘peace amongst men’.  Let us start by recognising our common heritage and my contribution is a donation to an Islamic charity on this day which means so much to both religions. Christmas Mubarak!


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