Aisha Walker

Thinking onscreen

3 September 2013
by Aisha


impson and Walker (forthcoming)  use the term ‘technolects’ to describe varieties of language used in digital contexts.  We proposed this as an alternative to words such as ‘netspeak’ (Crystal 2006)  in order to reflect the fact that different digital contexts … Continue reading

29 August 2013
by Aisha

Academic Hygiene

Academic hygiene (Walker, in press) is particularly important when students are working extensively with digital resources.  With paper-based study, students who do not practice good academic hygiene might find themselves searching the library bookshelves on assignment-submission day for the book(s) … Continue reading

20 May 2013
by Aisha
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Picky Learners

Today’s children are often described as ‘digital natives’ or ‘the net generation’ having grown up with digital devices: laptops; netbooks; Xboxes; Nintendo; Wiis; iPads/Pods/Phones; smartphones; Kindles…  Intuitively this rings true as many people have seen babies and toddlers playing with … Continue reading